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UAW retirees paved the way for us, and we must advocate for them in all ways. We must not allow active members and retirees to be whipsawed against one another.


UAW members deserve dignity and fair wages. To take on the multi-national corporations, we need to act with solidarity and a strategy. As a successful union leader from the South, Ray Curry knows how to put in the work to build solidarity and coalitions. And win!


Organizing allows UAW members to bargain for sector-wide wages which protect all workers.

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Leadership is shaped by experience. Our team is committed to fighting for the needs of all UAW members while growing our union through organizing.

Ray Curry, Candidate for President



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Statement of the Curry Solidarity Team Over Disenfranchisement of UAW Members and Multiple Election Violations


For Immediate Release

March 16, 2023


Detroit- Prior to the vote counting on March 16, without knowing the outcome of the run-off vote, the Curry Solidarity Team filed a protest with the Monitor over numerous issues that have arisen which affect the integrity of the election and its outcome.


UAW members were clear in the referendum that they wanted a democratic election process where all members in good standing (active or retired) would have the right to vote in the first direct election of the UAW International Executive Board. They wanted the election rules to be enforced equally and without favor, and they wanted to know that the results were fairly achieved without taint or violations.


Unfortunately, there are a number of significant issues that have come to light recently that call the election into question and require immediate investigation. Because the election is so close and any one of the raised issues could have affected the outcome, the Curry Solidarity Team filed a motion with the Monitor to protect all members in good standing over their right to vote and an election free from taint. 


Here are the key concerns that have arisen over the process:


  1. Tens of thousands of ballots were returned as undeliverable.  Under case law, “all reasonable efforts” must be made to ensure that active and retired members received actual and written notice of the election.  What efforts were made to contact UAW members who did not receive a ballot in the mail?

  2. Eligible voters who did not receive ballots had to make multiple phone calls and wait weeks before receiving ballots.  Did voters who did not make multiple calls receive ballots?  How many replacement ballot votes were counted out of the total number of replacement ballots issued?

  3. What accounts for the difference between the number of ballot envelopes received and the number of ballots that were actually counted?

  4. Some of the campaign donations to the opposition came from employers with whom the UAW has a bargaining relationship, something that is strictly prohibited by both the law and the Monitor’s rules.  Similarly, in-kind donations appear to have been made by other employers. Further, the process of campaign finance disclosure was not transparent to UAW members who are entitled to know who is funding the candidates. 

  5. Rules about campaigning at company turnstiles were inconsistently enforced, creating questions about whether UAW employers were making illegal campaign contributions to some candidates. 

  6. In Region 9, the candidate declared the winner accepted nomination to the office while knowing that he was not a member in good standing as he publicly bragged about not paying his union dues. The candidate was allowed by the Local Union to catch up on dues after the November vote. This is a violation of both the UAW Constitution and the Monitor’s own election rules which state that a candidate is only eligible If “they have been a member of the UAW in good standing for twelve (12) consecutive months preceding the first day of the 2022 Convention, and continue in good standing thereafter.”


Unlike the election last fall, the numerous questions surrounding rampant disenfranchisement of UAW voters as well as the alleged campaign violations clearly could have affected the outcome of the run-off election for UAW President and Region 9 Director, given the very close margins between candidates in those races.  Regarding the eligibility of Region 9 candidate, his admission of his lack of good member status was made after the first election. To preserve the integrity of the election process, the Monitor must immediately delay the announcement of a final result and immediately investigate these questions in a transparent process.


All members of the UAW deserve to know that this election is untainted as they enter one of the most crucial periods in their union's history. From Big Three bargaining to emerging technologies such as electrification in manufacturing there is much at stake for UAW members this year. There must be certainty and above all confidence in the voting process during this crucial time.

Click here for real time vote counts in the Runoff Election

This information is obtained by election observers on the ground in Dayton, Ohio. It will be updated as vote counts by locals are completed.

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